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Jamie Oliver Plays Food Missionary to Pukka Perfection
April 4, 2010, 5:10 pm
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Credit: Jamie Oliver on Facebook

Jamie Oliver says “food revolution” way too many times on his new reality show. Note to Jamie: Say something enough times and it loses its meaning. It’s too easy to make fun of his exaggerated accent and the show’s embrace of all things cheesy, so instead I’ll admit I’m a huge fan and believe he will make a huge positive difference for Americans. Just the other day, I chose unsweetened ice tea over the soda once I heard the sound of his shrill Cockney voice telling me how much corn syrup and chemicals is in one can of coke.

It’s getting huge ratings, which likely means parents are watching, alarmed at the chicken nuggets, french fries and pizza kids are eating at school (and the junk food they’re eating outside, which to me is probably the bigger problem.)

Unsurprisingly, the show shies away from political issues, even though huge corn and soy subsidies have led to these problems, both in and out of school. Jamie does adorably moan about arbitrary USDA regulations, and the enclosed bureaucracy it creates, which to me is better than nothing.

If anything, it motivates me to avoid buying junk food, and I’m sure it does for many others too. I call that a success.


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