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March 19, 2010, 4:50 am
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From Colony: Beekeepers, 'the ugly stepchildren of agriculture'

Today I saw Colony at DC’s Environmental Film Festival, about beekeepers struggling with bees disappearing due to colony collapse disorder. Though the causes are unknown, many  speculate the use of a pesticide that are killing off the bees.

This is important because bees are key pollinators of our food supply. I’ve read this before and it didn’t mean much to me before this documentary.

Beekeepers’ real money comes not from producing honey, but by pollinating crops around the country. Beekeepers travel from Maine to Florida to California every year, unleashing their bees onto almond, orange or blueberry crops. They are crucial to the process we’ve set up to produce and distribute food, which is why their deaths are so disturbing.

If you’re interested, the Sierra  Club is calling for a moratorium on neonicotinoids, the pesticide thought by  many to be the cause of colony collapse disorder. I took action, and you can too.


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