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We pay for McD’s to hawk fries abroad
September 17, 2009, 2:33 pm
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Our taxpayer dollars help food advertising to citizens of other countries.  Personally, I think it’s pretty arrogant of the USDA to believe it can help companies like McDonald’s and Tyson Foods practice capitalism.mcnifica

According to Jonathan Rauch, McDonald’s received $465,000 through the Poultry and Egg Council to promote chicken mcnuggets abroad. This figure comes from Government’s End: Why Washington Stopped Working in which Rauch argues that interest groups (like the Poultry and Egg Council) choke the federal government into inaction.

It has a benign-sounding name  (the Market Access Program), and it makes no secret of its effort to help promote “brands.”

It’s fine for companies to promote their products, but why is the American public called to help them out? How does paying for  M&M/Mars advertisements  serve us?

And  why do billion-dollar corporations need these subsidies that, to them, amount to pocket change? And if we’re so set on channeling government funds to sell food to people abroad rather than feed homeless people here, why not direct it all instead of just some to smaller food companies, to foster competition?

There’s lots of upsetting things about this, but here’s one more:  There doesn’t seem to be an adequate amount of reporting on this. Rauch quotes NPR and the Fresno Bee, and I came across this article in a google search. It’s easy to see why there hasn’t been an outcry from a program working this quietly.


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