Eat With Your Head

Eat With Your Head is Back!
August 18, 2009, 8:15 pm
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I’m 9 months wiser (cringe) and more ready than ever to get back in the blogging game. I have a great food adventure to kick things off.

Last week I worked the land. That’s right, with my wonderful friend Georgia, who counts among her many great qualities the ability to humor me, I spent a week working at an organic family farm in rural Pennsylvania.

Tomatos as they were meant to look!

Other than the usual weeding and harvesting, we helped prepare the garden for next year, which primarily involves killing weeds.  Rather than spray soil with harmful chemicals to kill weeds, we simply covered the weeds with wet newspapers, then topped the area with topsoil and compost. This kills the grass and prepares a suitable soil bed for farming.

Details are important: The couple who ran the farm took the time to call the newspaper companies to make sure they were using soy ink that would be safe to leach into the soil.

Me and glorious basil bounty

Back view of the farm

No major life lessons to share (aw, shucks.) But the experience definitely inspired me to take up gardening. And it reminded me of what a great thing it is to eat what you grow.


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