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Cut out the middleman
August 27, 2008, 7:48 pm
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Buying a piece of fruit or a gallon of milk shouldn’t be too complicated, but unfortunately it is. Like any other product, simple foods like these go through the distributors to the delivery trucks to the brick-and-mortar stores to the cashier to you. Along the way, the food loses freshness but increases he size of its carbon footprint. Fortunately, there’s a rise in options for those who want to cut out the middleman, and the environmental and quality costs that stack up with each new level added.

Thanks to John for pointing out this company, which distributes organic milk to Manhattan residents in a wholesome, old school way. The milk comes from Amish farms 160 miles away from the city.

There’s also the fruit guys, which deliver fruit to workplaces. I thought they only operated in certain locations but from the website it looks like they’ve reached nationwide fame.

You can’t more direct and less middleman than CSAs (community-supported agriculture), in which small-scale farmers sell directly to consumers. This is a worthwhile endeavor but impractical for many people. My roommates and I subscribed to a CSA this summer and while it was great to regularly get basil and fruits, we ended up paying for a lot of produce we didn’t want. A fruit or milkman is much more practical.

On a side note, while I’ve never had milk delivered to me, I’ve done something like that in India, visiting my grandmother, who lives in a village. Her next-door neighbor owns several cows, and he distributes milk to his neighbors every week. My grandma pasteurized the milk (none raw for me) and refrigerated it in a steel container that afternoon. When I drank the milk that evening for dinner, I found it to literally taste like no other milk I’ve ever had. Fresher is definitely better.


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