Eat With Your Head

Don’t eat these
August 24, 2008, 11:14 pm
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Veggie Hot Dogs. Elw. I’m linking to the Morningstar one b/c I’m pretty sure that’s what I ate Saturday afternoon on a trip to the National Gallery of Art. Some stands popped up selling organic hot dogs, tacos and empanadas next to the traditional sausage and perogie outfits currently lining the museums. It’s a great idea, but next time I’ll try the empanada.

It was bland and tasted like they were trying to imitate not just any hot dog, but the worst, cheapest hot dog they could possibly find. I’m not surprised that they weren’t good either.

Still debating whether this counts as junk-food item of the week
Veggie-substitute manufacturers need to go beyond imitating the appearance of meat. Take the Subway VegiMax patty. It doesn’t look anything like burgers or cold cuts, but it’s pretty good as its own thing. A mini VegiMax patty, with onions and mustard and sauerkrat would have been perfect that day.


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