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The right to fry
August 7, 2008, 12:34 am
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Clynton’s adventures in raw milk raise questions on the highly political act of banning foods. I lean toward lax consumption laws, but then again, things that cause you to get TB maybe should be examined.

It’s actually kind of surprising to me that food isn’t regularly treated as a vice ripe for regulation in this country — though there are signs that it might start to, at least in big, liberal cities. Does anyone remember Chicago’s ban on foie gras? And New York’s ban on trans fats? And then there’s Los Angeles, which recently passed the moratorium I blogged about on fast food restaurants in certain neighborhoods.

Just Say No

While I’m not a fan of foie gras, trans fats or fast food, I do believe these and other food laws are too easy to solve anything. I’m still looking for a system that replaces dangerous or unethical foods without demonizing the act of eating.


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I feel that the only ethical laws on food consumption are those that prohibit the sale/consumption of human flesh and potentially endangered animals. That said there should be tax incentives for big companies to use healthier options to promote the overall well being of hte average American. Banning trans-fats makes sense. But it makes for a “slippery slope” argument. What the hell is foie gras? It doesn’t sound appetizing. It should be banned!

Comment by Food Is My Frenemy

You know those stories of farmers fattening up by putting them in really tight cages so they can’t move for their entire lives? The livers of those ducks is foie gras. I agree about the foie gras ban. We have animal cruelty laws that can and should be applied to food production.

Comment by eatwithyourhead

Alright. That’s not what foie is. It is the fattened livers of geese or ducks, but there is only one farm that does it in the entire US, and they are in Hudson Valley, NY. The birds are free roaming, lead happy lives, and offer themselves up to be overfed. It’s just like any other farmed animal, except the ducks/geese have it better.

Comment by Sean

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