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Raw Redux
August 6, 2008, 4:22 pm
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More from Clynton:

Okay, so I bought another half gallon of raw milk yesterday and am continuing to drink it despite mounting evidence that it may kill or cripple me.

My friend Nancy told me today that her ex-husband got tuberculosis from drinking raw milk years ago. Let me repeat that, he got effing TUBERCULOSIS!

“Seriously, he got tuberculosis,” Nancy told me. And yes, it deserves to be said three times.
Apparently it’s possible. The FDA website actually lists TB as one of the possible things you can catch from it. Now I know I may get tuberculosis from this milk, but I also can’t help but thinking, “I just paid freakin’ $4 for this half gallon of poison and I’m not going to dump it down the drain.”

Straight from the udder makes it all the better

The low fat version of the milk tastes just as good as the whole version, creamy and delicious. There’s also a sort of aftertaste that I’m trying to pin down. So far the best description I can come up with is that it tastes like what I’d expect a farm to taste like if it were food.

I’ve decided to expand this whole milk thing to try some new milks. Graig suggested we drink powdered milk and parmalat, a sort of milk that needs no refrigeration, so I think I’ll be adding both to my little experiment.

Nancy also had an interesting idea. “I seriously think you should find some mother’s milk and see what it does for you,” she said. “I bet it’s very expensive, but somebody sells it. I bet if you put some Kahlua in it, some vodka and an ice cube it’s yummy.”

Amazingly enough, she’s right. Not only do people sell their breast milk, there’s a whole freaking association devoted to the practice.

I’m not sure if I’d be down for drinking breast milk, and I’m certainly not going to pay for it if I do, but if there happen to be any volunteers out there, let me know. I need to see a picture first and some sort of proof that you don’t have tuberculosis or anything else nasty, but as long as you’re healthy I think I may be open to it.


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