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Guest blogger! On raw milk
August 4, 2008, 3:12 pm
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It doesn’t get more natural than this. Please welcome my friend Clynton, who bravely (and illegally in several states) drank raw milk, which the New York Times picked up on as a food trend last August.

My name’s Clynton and I’ll be guest blogging a few entries over the next couple weeks. Shreema and I have decided to embark on some culinary adventures in which we try a bunch of new age foodstuffs and then fill you in on whether it’s worth the money or worth a trip to the hospital.

First up: milk. Everybody’s had it and it seems pretty boring, but I’ll be drinking it the way few people do nowadays. Yup, I might as well suckle right up to the cow’s teet because I’m drinking my milk RAW.
I’ll be drinking raw milk first, then organic milk, then soy milk, then plain milk and filling you all in on the differences between each, mainly whether or not the different milks suck.

Raw Milk
Unlike milk you’d find in a grocery store, raw milk is not pasteurized. Pasteurization is a process in which the milk is heated to a high temperature for a set period in order to kill off a bunch of germs, like salmonella and E. coli.

I’ve been drinking it for four days and so far I’m fine, though that’s not always the case.
The FDA says raw milk is crawling with bacteria and that it has sickened literally hundreds in the last 10 years.

Lucky for me, I don’t fall into one of the high-risk categories of pregnant women, children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems.

First impressions for taste are good. The milk is rich and creamy, though I accidentally bought whole milk so that may be part of it. It doesn’t taste quite like cream, but it’s close. After drinking it for a few days, I barely notice the difference from plain milk.

I had to get the milk from a small farm in Rollinsford, NH where the entire operation is based on the honor system. You go into the farm’s small milk shed, open the fridge and grab what you want, then leave your money in a little lockbox and let them know what you took. At $4 for half a gallon, plus a $2.50 deposit for the glass jar that I must return, this milk isn’t cheap. Also, it only lasts about a week before going bad.

I’ve got at least another days supply left so more updates will follow soon.


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